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Said at the breakfast table...

“The pie is really part of the Kiwi culture. There’s a passable hot meal on every street corner for three and a half dollars. It’s not junk food, it’s wholesome fast food. And fish and chips - which we have forgotten how to make in the UK – are usually available, always good, and often cheap.

When I was touring in my little hired van, I’d have with me orange juice and eggs, and I’d make porridge and so on. But every so often I’d think, ‘I’m going to have a non-catering day’ and I’d get a little pastie or a sausage roll from a bakery. At lunchtime I’d say to myself, I’ll bet if I stop here I won’t have to walk more than 30 yards and there’ll be something I fancy….and there would be – usually good fish and chips or a pie.”

– Paul from London.